The Ventura Group of Florida specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions. Our goal is to accurately price and sell your business to your full satisfaction. We are a boutique firm, accepting only a limited number of engagements to ensure our full commitment of time and resources in selling your business. Here are our comments on some of the most frequently asked questions from our Sellers:

  • How quickly can you sell my business?

The process of selling your business requires a deliberate approach that involves a great deal of effort and use of resources on our part. Although there are always exceptions, our experience suggests that the typical business is sold between nine to twelve months from the date we begin to market your business for sale. Regardless of the timing involved in selling your business, you should be prepared to keep growing your business as usual during this period.

  • How much can I ask for my business?

The Ventura Group of Florida is specialized in valuing businesses of all types and has over 22 years of experience in doing so. It is important that your business is priced properly according to what the market can bear. This may represent your biggest investment and selling it successfully is dependent on determining the accurate market value, as well as the proper “listing price” of your business. Our analytical approach is unmatched and we always consider current market and business conditions.

  • How is the market value of my business determined?

Although several approaches for arriving at a valuation exist (i.e. cash flow, EBITA etc.), the Market Valuation approach is the methodology of choice when operating in the small to medium-sized company arena.

The Market Value approach is based on the concept referred to as “Owner’s Benefits”. Essentially, “Owner’s Benefits” is the sum of all the direct and the indirect benefits that a business owner receives from the operation of his or her business.

Once this amount is determined, a “multiple” based on industry trends and market trends, both past and present, is applied to the Owner’s Benefits calculation to arrive at the market value or probable selling price of the business. A formal report, referred to as an “Opinion of Value”, that details this process, as well as containing a more comprehensive look at market and industry trends, is one of the most requested services that we offer.

  • When is the ideal time to sell my business?

There is not an exact science on this matter, as most Sellers of profitable businesses eventually make this decision based on their personal situation; are they ready to retire?, have health or other family issues?, want to realize a “windfall” and “move on”?, etc. ——- You will know when “you’re ready” and have addressed the issue of “what will I do next?” 

  • Are you going to put a “FOR SALE” sign on my business property?

Our approach to selling your business is to maintain the highest level of confidentiality that is possible. We market your business with the utmost diligence and attention to detail. Our verification process for every potential Buyer includes business experiences and history, personal qualifications and financial capability–all under the umbrella of confidentiality.