Industry Specializations

Over the past few years our focus and expertise has enabled us to become the leading M&A firm specializing in the two industries described below. Both of these verticals require extensive attention to detail, as both are regulated industries requiring various types of licensing, whether on the federal, state, or local levels. We have the knowledge and experience to navigate through the many complexities that are involved in these situations.

Home Health Care Agencies

The growing and aging senior population, driven by the Baby Boomer generation, has led to a dramatic increase in the need for in-home caregiver services, especially in the state of Florida. New regulations have focused on value-based payment models, and new technologies will dramatically alter the way in-home care will be provided in the future. We understand these opportunities and can assist you in your retirement plans, or your business plan to acquire additional agencies

Child Day Care Centers The new “norm” of single working mothers and two-income households has solidified this industry, and has impacted all socio-economic levels. The VPK program, along with the need for after-school care, has enabled this industry to experience yearly growth. The need to provide a quality environment for children that parents can rely upon has “raised the bar” on the level of care that these centers must maintain in order to be successful. Again, we can help you navigate all financial and regulatory issues in order for you to sell your center or acquire an existing facility.